A Breakdown Of The Best Methods of Unlocking an iPhone

You need to know that when you buy an iPhone from a carrier the chances are that the phone is locked which means that you will not be able to use the same phone if you are to switch your carrier. But that’s okay; you have the option of unlocking your phone which will allow you to use it with other network carriers even in other countries.

The best solution if you are looking to avoid this hassle is to get an iPhone straight from the Apple Store. This will eliminate any need for you to have your phone unlocked as it will not be tied to any carrier. The IMEI number on your phone will already be registered in Apple’s records so you can choose any carrier you want and use the phone with ease. A locked phone does not allow you to use the SIM card of other carriers on your phone. Every time you insert the SIM card your phone will reject it rendering both the SIM and the phone useless. You may not face an issue regarding this matter in your country but if you travel abroad your phone might cause a problem as you will not be able to use the networks available there. Thus the requirement of unlocking your iPhone arises.

Factory iPhone unlocking is one of the best ways of getting your phone to work. The process is quite simple and is the most effective as your phone will be permanently unlocked. Hence you will not need to worry about going through the entire process again if there is any update on the phone. You must be wondering what a factory unlocked phone is and why it is useful than other ways of unlocking. Well for starters with a factory unlocked phone you do not need to worry about switching your carrier services as it does not allow a carrier to be attached to the phone. You can use your phone with any SIM card being offered by any network carrier. The only thing you will need to look for is whether the carrier you are switching to provides the features you want such as 4G or 4G LTE data coverage.

Basics of Factory Unlocking Your iPhone

Unlocking your phone 6S, 6 Plus, or the latest iPhone 7 through factory unlocking can be more advantageous than any other way. Whatever version of iPhone you are looking to unlock an easy way to do so is by using your IMEI number. The process is quite simple. Choose a service provider who is willing to help you with the situation give him your IMEI number and he will take care of the rest. The IMEI number will be added to Apple’s global database and your phone will be forever unlocked. You can only switch your carrier afterward update your phone or take it to a different counter; you will not face any issues regarding the phone being locked then.

Factory unlocking is the best and the most reliable way of unlocking any iPhone series permanently. Every iPhone that has ever been manufactured has been given its own unique number which is called the phone IMEI number and by feeding this number into Apple’s database it makes the phone as good as new. You will not be able to tell the difference between it being factory unlocked automatically or having it done by a service.

Advantages of factory unlocking your iPhone

The best solution to your problem of how to unlock your iPhone is factory unlocking with the IMEI number. It has many benefits:

  • Permanent unlocking solution: If you unlock your iPhone via factory unlocking, you will not face any problems in the future as it will never be locked again especially after new updates that the phone regularly gets. It is the perfect one-time solution to your problem.
  • Use any cellular service: You can travel anywhere in the world with ease because your phone has been factory unlocked. This means that your phone will be able to pick up the SIM cards of any service provider anywhere in the world. From AT&T and Verizon, to worldwide carriers like Three, Fido/Rogers, and Orange. With an unlocked phone you will not have any trouble switching carriers anymore; simply change the network and you are ready to go.
  • Save money: You can save money two ways. You can save a bunch of money when you travel abroad as no roaming charges will be applied if you need to take the phone with you out of the country. Secondly you will save money on unlocking your phone again and again via other unlocking methods.
  • No damage caused: Be assured that your phone will suffer no loss on any issues if you choose to factory unlock your phone as its IMEI number will be added to Apple’s database basically making your phone even more secure.
  • Using iTunes: Did you know that you can even factory unlock your phone with iTunes? It is a quick and easy process though it’s better to unlock it using the IMEI number.
  • All iPhone Models: Whichever iPhone you are carrying does not pose a restriction to factory unlocking your phone. The process can be applied to any series or models and can also be used on any iOS systems so even if you have the older model you can still get it unlocked.

Even though you also have the option of software unlocking or jailbreaking your iPhone or even using hardware unlocking methods, each method will prove to have various disadvantages and can cause harm to your iPhone in the future. These methods may seem simpler and quicker they will cost you and can compromise the phone’s performance.

We highly recommend getting your iPhone unlocked using the aforementioned factory unlocking method from a reputable company such as Unlock iPhone Den as well as a few others in the industry. It is safe and reliable and is a permanent solution to unlocking your phone.