iPhone Unlocking

The iPhone 6S, Unlocked 6S Plus

While it is exciting to use one of the most coveted smart phones in the market, the excitement is killed by expensive carrier contracts. You have to spend at least a thousand dollars if you want to purchase factory unlocked iPhone’s. Otherwise, you can pay a small down payment and get your iPhone 6 with a 2-year contract. During this contract period, you have to agree to the data and text plans that the network operator offers. Even if you find better deals with another provider, you can’t change the SIM card at your own will. To enjoy the true benefits of the newest 6S iPhone you must find a way to first unlock the network restrictions. Hundreds of websites can claim to help you to learn how to unlock the 6S iPhone reliably. However, if you make a wrong choice, you will end up with a shiny brick that is good for nothing. You won’t be able to take your iPhone 6 to Apple store for service because phones unlocked using hardware or software will eventually void the warranty. Factory unlocking, on the other hand, is the best unlocking method to remove the SIM-lock on an iPhone 6S Plus. The unlocking provider will add the IMEI number of the iPhone to the factory unlocked database and it is the best method to free your iPhone from network operator contracts.

Even though you unlock the iPhone 6, your phone will be covered by the warranty until the end of the contract period. The unlocking process itself doesn’t create any problem with your iPhone. If you have some trouble due to some other reasons, you can take the unlocked iPhone without any worries to the Apple store. You don’t have to continue the network operator contract, but you can enjoy the standard Apple warranty and get free repair service.

One of the biggest benefits of iPhone 6 unlocking using factory unlocking method is that you don’t have to make any changes to the iOS or software of the device. This means that irrespective of the firmware or baseband on which you run your iPhone, you can unlock it freely without any problem. Even after unlocking your iPhone, you can update iOS, firmware or baseband according to your wish. You don’t have to stick to the older versions just because you want freedom from service providers.

When you use factory unlocking method, you can unlock any iPhone 6S forever. It will work with any GSM operator in any country and the unlock is truly permanent. Even if you download apps, restore your iPhone or change the iOS version, your iPhone will remain unlocked. Your phone will never be relocked due to any software upgrades or downgrades. Factory unlocked phones are permanently unlocked as the software lock placed by Apple is cancelled by the unlock providers remotely. The unlock is usually completed in a few hours and you will receive a notification from the unlocking provider that your phone is unlocked.