Unlocking Pros and Cons

If you have the need or desire to unlock your brand new iPhone 6 Plus or 6S, you will obviously have to pay for it since there is no free lunch. However not all unlocking methods provide the best value for the price you pay. On the internet, you can find some websites offering overly priced unlocking methods. While the factory unlocked phones can set you back by thousands of dollars, you can unlock iPhone for a few hundred dollars. The quality of service you get depends on the unlocking provider you choose. As you have to trust the company with your expensive iPhone 6S, it is best to choose a reputable unlocking service on the internet that has been around for many years.

Pros and Cons of Factory iPhone Unlocking

You may be confused about the numerous unlocking methods you see when you search for how to unlock iPhone 6. To enjoy complete freedom, you have to choose the factory unlocking method. With this method, you can unlock your iPhone permanently for life. This will ensure that you don’t have to worry about additional carrier charges when you move to another country. Factory unlocking will work with all iPhone’s in all countries, providing you complete freedom. When you travel to another state or country, simply pop in a local SIM card and enjoy lower calling rates. To unlock the iPhone using factory methods, there is literally no work on your part. You have to spend some time in identifying the best unlocking provider. Then, you have to pay for the unlocking service and provide the IMEI number of your phone. Once you have completed the payment, simply wait for the message from the unlocking provider that your phone is unlocked. In fact, you can forget about it and continue to use the phone normally. Once you receive the message that your phone unlock is complete, you have to connect your phone to the iTunes and restore it once.

The only real method for iPhone 6 S unlocking is the factory unlocking method. The warranty of your phone will not be affected unlike other unlocking methods. This is the real unlock you want for your phone as it doesn’t cause any damage to the phone. Apple maintains a list of IMEI numbers of factory unlocked phones. The third party unlocking service will simply make changes to this database of Apple IMEI numbers to include the IMEI number of your phone. Then, Apple will recognize your phone as a factory unlocked phone. This method to unlock your iPhone 6 plus using the IMEI number is straightforward and you don’t have to do anything on your part. To get the best value for money you should choose the most reputable service that has the highest ratings from verified customers. There is no need to mail your phone anywhere for the unlock to work. The simple act of unlocking your phone can instantly boost the resale value of your phone. This method will work for all iPhone’s in any country and is a good investment for the aforementioned reasons.